1. What is the On Call® Care Alliance?
    The On Call Care Alliance is a connected health portal for healthcare providers, diabetes patients, and their friends, family, and other support team members. At-home users with an On Call blood glucose meter can easily add their data to the portal for improved data sharing and insights for their healthcare providers and support teams. Using the On Call Care Alliance can help people living with diabetes to feel more connected and to more easily understand how they are doing with their blood glucose levels. Please note that no treatment decisions or recommendations are provided through the On Call Care Alliance. Please only speak with your healthcare provider directly for treatment and/or lifestyle recommendations.
  2. Is the portal secure?
    Yes the portal is secure. All of your glucose information will only be accessible with your permission to other individuals who you must invite to view your data. The portal was created to abide by HIPAA standards for the highest level of data security. No set of data is 100% invulnerable to data breach, however all of the HIPAA-recommended protocols for data security are observed by the On Call Care Alliance.
  3. Is it free?
    Yes, there is no charge to create an account with the On Call Care Alliance. All levels of our service are offered free of charge.
  4. Will my information be shared?
    Your information will only be shared with your permission to users who you invite. This may include healthcare providers, personal contacts, or anyone to whom you send an invitation. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.
  5. I can’t login. What should I do?
    If you have already registered for an account but are having trouble logging in or have forgotten your password, try clicking on the “I forgot my password” link. You will need to provide your email address used during registration to receive a password reset email. If you have not registered for an On Call Care Alliance account, select the “I don’t have an account” link to sign up.